BOSNIA 4 Nights 3 Days

BOSNIA 4 Nights 3 Days

  • Day 1 : Istanbul-Sarajevo

  • First of all alongside the visit to the martyrdom and tomb of Alija Izetbegovic in Kovaci we start to our tour in the historical part of the city Bascarsija.We pay a visit to the Gazhi-Husrev Beg’s Mosque who was a relative of the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. We visit the Kurshunlu Madrasa which is in function since the Ottoman imperium.Then we keep on with the Watch Tower and Sacred Heart Cathedral. Right after than we go to the cause of the World War I. The Latin Bridge where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.An Ottoman Fort that is called as White Bastion with a great view is the next destination of ours. Mosque and Madrasa of Gazhi Husrev who was a relative of the Suleyman are going to be visited. Visit to Fatih Sultan Mehmed Mosque and Inat House.We visit the museum of Srebrenica. It is about the biggest crime after the World War II. Srebrenica was the first UN safe zone after the World War II. However the UN authorities gave unarmed Bosnjaks to fully armed Serbs which was concluded with a genocide.Than we have a dinner.After all, there is some leisure time and eventually getting back to the hotel.

  • Day 2 : Travnik, Jajce, Lake of Pliva

  • A small break time in city Jajce with a visit to waterfall. Than we get to move to the Lake of Pliva.We go to Travnik city.Trip among the historical streets of the city of Travnik. Right after the trip we go to see the Ibrahim Pasha Madrasa which is in function over 300 years. Than we visit the fountain where Fatih Sultan Mehmed drank water. It is called the Blue Water(Plava Voda). Trip to a village named Ahmici where Ustashi Croats massacred whole of the village during the war.Dinner and getting back to hotel.

  • Day 3: Mostar-Blagaj-Pochitely

  • Breakfast and travel to Mostar.We go to see the Mostar Bridge of course where the best view could be found, which is the yard of Koski-Mehmed Pasha Mosque. Both the view and the mosque are going to be visited.Than we visit the Lodge of Blagaj, a soldier of Ottoman army in 1446 Sari Saltuk who build the first dervish lodge in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Continuation of this tour is going to be provided by the old historical Turkish village named as Pochitely. There we see the castle and the Ottoman buildings and architecture of 16th century.

  • Day 4 : Sarajevo-Istanbul

  • Hillside of Igman provides us a natural beuty called Vrelobosne. The source of the natural water of Igman mountains is going to be visited. A carriage tour around 3.5 kilometers takes place. While you travel on the phaetons you will feel yourself in an old historical movie.Than we see the tunnel which was checkpoint of the war for 2.5 years. That was a checkpoint where the entrances to the city were controlled. This museum underlines the barbarism that was made and tells us the sad stories of the war times in Sarajevo.Than we have some time for shopping and getting to the airport for the departure.


  • • Sarajevo
  • • Travnik
  • • Jajce
  • • Lake of Pliva
  • • Mostar
  • • Blagaj
  • • Pochitely


  • • All transfers during the program.
  • • Accommodation in 4****Hotels in single room.(Bed & Breakfast)
  • • Entrance fees for the museums (Tunel ,Blagaj Tekija ,Travnik fort, Vrelobosne ,Srebrenica, carriage tour)
  • • The stated travels and visits within the program.
  • • Guidance service.
  • • Trips to Jajce and lake of Pliva
  • • Boat tour on the lake of Pliva
  • • Museum of Srebrenica
  • • Carriage Tour at Vrelobosne
  • • Mobile internet service
  • • Difference of BalTours guidance
  • • And extra surprises


  • • Personal expenses,
  • • Extras in Hotel,
  • • Obligatory travel insurance
  • • expenses on coffee & tea breaks.


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Duration Time

4 Nights 3 Days